Satisfied Customers

“We are delighted to support a very talented and dedicated professional who is an outstanding ambassador for TopSpec products. AH Eventing are a friendly happy team who take great care of owners and sponsors.”

— Katy Tyler, Director and Senior Nutritionist BSc (hons) (TopSpec) —

Katy Tyler

“I have found him to be firm, reliable, honest and knowledgeable with great first hand competition experience, and the ability to communicate to all ages and standards Andy has a great knack of getting the very best out of you and your horse. Always supportive but only praises when deserved. Andy has helped me to have a greater understanding of the sport of Eventing, he is extremely thorough, second best will not do and the horses definitely come first. Training horses and riders has become his specialty and Andy’s competition results speak for themselves, I wish him the very best.”

 Susie Clark (Balfours Equestrian Property, Shrewsbury)

Susie Clark

“I have trained with Andy for a number of years now, with a large variety of horses. What I find when training with Andy is he treats each horse individually. Each horse has their own way of going and Andy seems to have the knack of spotting very quickly how to get the best from each horse. I have gained so much confidence since I started with Andy, he can not only spot what the horse is doing but also very quick to pick up on my mistakes.”

Janet Clarke, International rider

Janet Clarke

“I have been training with Andy for the last three years and I can honestly say that I always come away from each lesson feeling positive and knowing what I need to work on. He has taught me how to get the best out of my horses and the importance of how to maintain his high standards at all times so that the horses know clearly what is expected of them. Andy has worked hard to improve my confidence levels and to make me more positive and determined. He gives me honest feedback and clearly let’s me know when I mess up but is fast to praise when we get it right. I enjoy training with Andy because he understands my way of thinking and helps to steer me towards success. He is always there to advise and to help.”

Emma Silman, competing at CCI** level aged 18

Emma Silman

“Andy started to help me in 2007 when the wheels had well and truly “fallen off”!!!! I rang him up and explained what was happening and he straight away offered to help. He made me feel like my problems had become his and he would do everything possible to improve my riding and Toga’s confidence when jumping. He was extremely dedicated in his support and guidance and made me feel like we would eventually get there!!! Andy has a natural ability to understand horses and get the best from them. Toga has been on her “holidays” to Andy’s yard a number of times and his team are all very friendly and welcoming. I would like to thank Andy for his continued help and I owe our success at the Badminton Grassroots Championship to him.”

Amy Dixon, winner of Badminton Grassroots 2010

Amy Dixon

“We bought Neelix from Andy at the end of 2006, as a 6 year old for a potential junior horse. He had been beautifully and patiently produced by Andy up to Novice level and carefully and consistently schooled on the flat allowing him to achieve very good dressage marks. He has gone on to win a team gold medal at the Junior Europeans and finished sixth individually at the Young Rider Europeans last year. He completed his first CCI*** at Boekelo last year and is aiming for the young riders again this year. He could not have been produced in a better way and he is probably my horse of a lifetime.”

Willa Newton, Junior Team Member

Willa Newton

“Andy has helped me enormously with my show jumping and cross country. He is thorough, encouraging and has given me tremendous confidence. He is always happy to advise either at events or on the phone which really makes a difference to me and my horses.”

Julie De Winton, 3 star international rider

Julie De Winton